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Parsons Subsidiary Secures DARPA Cybersecurity Assessment Contract

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded Parsons subsidiary BlackHorse Solutions a $12-million contract to support the agency’s cybersecurity assessments.

The firm will work on Signature Management using Operational Knowledge and Environments (SMOKE), a program developing data-driven capabilities to support applications of threat-emulated cyber infrastructures.

“Our offensive and defensive cyberspace operations combine leading edge technical innovations, mission planning and automation solutions, cyber threat intelligence, and advanced cyber threat hunting and incident response to protect networks and enhance mission effectiveness,” Parsons High Consequence Missions Vice President Mike Kushin stated.

Exposing Network Vulnerabilities

Under the SMOKE program, experts will leverage data-associated tools to automate cyber threat patterns.

US Cyber Command
US Cyber Command. Photo: US Army

The initiative will develop prototypes to enable groups acting as adversaries or “red teams” to lay out plans, construct machine-readable signatures, and apply cyber threats to anticipate the readiness of network defenders.

“We look forward to advancing DARPA’s mission through a comprehensive, converged offering of technologies and tools that expose and enable system and network vulnerabilities to anticipate and neutralize threats across the multi-domain battlespace.”

Parsons’ Other Military Contracts

In 2022, the US Army Corps of Engineers awarded Parsons a $28 million task order to conduct feasibility studies and remedial investigations at the service’s Army National Guard (ANG) facilities.

The separate contract was awarded in response to aqueous film-forming foam and other per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances leaks across 16 ANG bases in 12 states.

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