Raytheon Secures $208M Naval Strike Missile Contract From Romania

Raytheon Missiles & Defense has received a $208-million contract to supply Naval Strike Missiles (NSMs) to the armed forces of Romania.

The deal comes amid heightened tensions in the region due to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The amount of mobile coastal anti-ship missile batteries to be delivered to the NATO member wasn’t disclosed.

However, the US Department of Defense noted that the work will be performed in Arizona, Norway, and Germany in close cooperation with Norwegian firm Kongsberg.

The missiles are expected to be delivered by September 2028.

In 2022, Romania also entered into a $137-million agreement with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace for an unspecified number of NSM defense systems.

Sophisticated Features

The NSM is a precision strike weapon capable of seeking and destroying enemy ships at long distances (more than 100 nautical miles).

It can elude enemy radar and defense systems by flying at sea-skimming altitude.

The weapon carries a 500-pound (226-kilogram) class warhead with programmable fuse for more accurate and efficient targeting.

In addition, the NSM uses a global positioning system and terrain-reference navigation and imaging infrared homing.

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