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UAE’s First Falaj Fast Vessel Begins Construction

Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) has announced the start of construction of the United Arab Emirates Navy’s first Falaj 3-class fast patrol vessel (FPV).

A steel-cutting ceremony was held recently at an ADSB facility, confirming the completion of the research and design phase for the new vessels.

According to the company, the Falaj 3-class FPVs are complex, high-speed warships with state-of-the-art sensors and combat systems.

They will reportedly add significantly to the UAE Navy’s maritime patrol capability.

“ADSB was awarded the contract to build four Falaj 3-class FPVs for the UAE Navy in 2021,” the company stated in a press release.

“With its partners and with invaluable support from the UAE Navy, it has successfully completed the design phase of the project on schedule.”

Steelcutting of the UAE Navy’s first Falaj 3-class fast patrol vessel at an ADSB facility
Steelcutting of the UAE Navy’s first Falaj 3-class fast patrol vessel at an ADSB facility. Photo: ABSD

$950-Million Project

The 60-meter (196-foot) Falaj 3-class FPV will be based on the Fearless-class patrol boats manufactured by ST Engineering.

It will be powered by four high-performance engines and four propellers to reach speeds of more than 26 knots (48 kilometers/30 miles per hour).

In addition, the vessel’s design reduces infrared and acoustic signatures to better disguise it.

The Falaj’s integrated platform management system allows all platform systems to be monitored and controlled from a single point.

According to ADSB, the $950-million contract is already the largest order the company has ever received.

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