Russia Prepares S-300V Systems for Ukrainian Missiles

The Russian Ministry of Defence has confirmed “round-the-clock” drills to position its latest S-300V surface-to-air missiles along the country’s western border.

The trainings are in preparation to intercept missile attacks from Ukrainian forces, according to Reuters, citing the Moscow-based Interfax news agency.

Russian S-300V personnel are also “mastering new position areas” of the anti-ballistic platform.

“The air defense units of the Western Military District continue to serve in the new position areas on combat duty around the clock,” the ministry told Interfax.

The Western Military District is one of Russia’s five armed forces headquarters comprising regions bordering Ukraine, including Bryansk and Belgorod. The area also covers the Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea.

Interfax said that the S-300V system can track targets from up to 204 kilometers (127 miles) away at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers (19 miles).

Missile Setup in Eastern Russia

Russian forces carried out a similar positioning drill in Primorsky this month.

Led by troops of the Eastern Military District, the trial was held to determine the capability of the Buk self-propelled medium-range missile systems against airborne threats targeting Russian military infrastructure.

The training involved live-firing the weapons and air target simulations from various positions.

Buk anti-aircraft missile system.
Buk anti-aircraft missile system. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russia’s Recent Exercises

Russia conducted a large-scale military exercise alongside allies in September. The training included 50,000 personnel, 5,000 weapons, 140 aircraft, and 60 naval ships.

In October, the Belarus Ministry of Defense also confirmed its intent to join Russia in live-fire and anti-aircraft guided missile exercises.

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