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General Dynamics Submits Marines Reconnaissance Vehicle Prototype Bid

The US Marine Corps received the final Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) prototype for evaluation on Friday, moving closer to replacing its aging Light Armored Vehicles.

The General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) submission comes a couple of weeks after Textron Systems delivered its ARV prototype for the competition

BAE Asked to Explore ARV Possibility

BAE Systems has also been contracted to study the possibility of a drone-equipped amphibious combat vehicle — currently operating in the service — as an ARV option.

The Marines Corps expects the vehicle to be equipped with “command, control, communication and computers/unmanned aerial systems mission payload.”

The ARV’s desired attributes include a medium-caliber cannon, anti-armor capability, unmanned aerial and ground systems deployed from the vehicle, networked, multifunctional electronic warfare capabilities, and a command-and-control suite and sensors.

General Dynamics Reconnaissance Vehicle

According to GDLS, its prototype will “integrate an extensive array of networked sensors and communications equipment supported by our advanced electronic architecture that will allow the ARV to collect, process, and disseminate data across Marine forces.”

The vehicle will act as a communication node connecting “both to the onboard and offboard sensors, to the uncrewed air, and eventually, ground robotic systems and sensors,” GDLS director for USMC programs Phil Skuta told Janes.

The Marines Corps wants to replace its fleet of 600 80s-era Light Armored Vehicles with 500 ARVs, according to USNI News.

A final winner is expected to be announced in six months.

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