Swedish Navy Takes Delivery of New Submarine-Hunting Torpedoes

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has announced its acceptance of new submarine-hunting torpedoes from local defense firm Saab.

According to the government agency, the Torpedo 47 will play an essential role in the Swedish Navy’s ability to identify and neutralize enemy underwater vehicles.

FMV official Magnus Lind said that acquiring a new torpedo system to meet Swedish military requirements has been a significant challenge.

However, due to the agency’s close cooperation with Saab and other industry partners, an anti-submarine warfare solution has been developed.

“The key to success in the development of Torpedo System 47 was the close cooperation between all parties involved,” Lind stated. “It was a project at the forefront of technology with a very clear framework. From day one, we put the team before me.”

Special Configurations

Saab’s Torpedo 47 is built with advanced modules to allow technology and solution-sharing with other torpedo systems and submarines.

Weighing 340 kilograms (749 pounds), it can travel at a minimum speed of 35 knots (64 kilometers/40 miles per hour) and a range of 20 kilometers (12.4 miles).

During the development phase, the company gave particular consideration to the Swedish Navy’s operational area.

Its homing device is well-configured to support missions in shallow waters and challenging topography.

The torpedo can also survive in Baltic and North Sea underwater conditions.

The weapon system can be used on Swedish submarines, Visby-class corvettes, and some military helicopters.

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