MBDA, BAE Conduct AKERON Missile Test-Firing From CV90

MBDA and BAE Systems recently demonstrated the AKERON MP anti-tank missile being test-fired from a CV90 infantry combat vehicle.

The integrated test took place at a range in Northern Sweden.

Collaborative Target Engagement

The CV90 combat system feeds target information to the crew through an integrated micro-drone, allowing the missile to engage the target, either through lock-on before launch mode or lock-on after launch mode, MBDA explained.

The combination offers a “unique capability” for target engagement in complex environments, such as forests or urban areas, the European missile manufacturer added.


Inducted in 2017, the AKERON features both fire-and-forget and command guidance operating modes with a range of 4 kilometers (2.48 miles).

The CV90 has been developed for the Nordic subarctic climate, possessing excellent mobility in snow and wetlands. 

The BAE Systems vehicle can carry a group of eight fully-equipped, dismounted soldiers.

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