US Marine Corps Receives Cottonmouth Reconnaissance Vehicle Prototype

Textron Systems has delivered the first Cottonmouth advanced reconnaissance vehicle (ARV) prototype to the US Marine Corps at Silver Springs, Nevada.

The handover follows the completion and contractor verification testing of the vehicle last August in New Orleans, Louisiana. It will now enter the government evaluation phase that will run throughout 2023.

“Our Cottonmouth vehicle is a completely clean-sheet design that provides transformative reconnaissance capabilities and meets Marine Corps requirements,” Textron Land and Sea Systems Senior Vice President David Phillips said.

“Because of its smaller size, the Marines can quickly deploy next generational combat power to the fight and lets commanders meet any mission anywhere.”

Modernized Amphibious Platform

The latest ARV prototype is the second iteration of the original Alpha prototype, achieving approximately 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometers) of testing.

amphibious reconnaissance vehicle by Textron
Cottonmouth amphibious reconnaissance vehicle. Photo: Textron Systems

Through the initial validations, the amphibious 6×6 platform was given improved mobility, electronics, command, control, communications, computers, and uncrewed aerial system capabilities.

Furthermore, the Cottonmouth is equipped with multi-spectrum sensors to sustain communication between the US Marine Corps and the Navy.

Once deployed, the multi-role lightweight vehicle will serve as a “Naval Sensor Node” for expeditionary operations and a mobile scout vehicle for ship-to-shore connector (LCAC 100 class) vessels that navigate in littoral waters.

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