Lithuania Doubling Pace of Ukrainian Soldier Training

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence has announced that it is stepping up the combat training provided to Ukrainian soldiers.

Lithuania is one of the countries providing training to Kyiv’s forces to ensure they are prepared for continued Russian aggression.

Around 500 Ukrainian troops have completed various military courses facilitated by the Lithuanian military this year.

To more rapidly strengthen Ukraine’s resilience, the defense ministry revealed that the pace of training would be doubled and that Vilnius would house some 1,500 Ukrainian troops in 2023.

Lithuanian defense minister Arvydas Anušauskas vowed to continue supporting its war-stricken ally “in every possible way” until the end of the war.

The improved training to be provided by Lithuania next year will be part of the newly-established Military Assistance Mission of the European Union to support Ukraine.

Increasing Military Assistance

Ukraine’s apparent success in counter-offensives has largely been credited to the massive military assistance provided by its allies.

In September, the Lithuanian government delivered 50 M113 armored personnel carriers to Kyiv to support close-combat and open-combat battlefield missions.

People from Lithuania also donated more than five million euros ($5.2 million) for the purchase of a combat drone for Ukraine.

“Probably for the first time in history, citizens of one state can buy and donate such heavy weapons to another state,” fundraising founder Andrius Tapinas said earlier this year.

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