Finland Receives Upgraded XA-180 Armored Vehicles

Finland-based firm Patria announced earlier this week that it has completed upgrading the Finnish Army’s XA-180 armored personnel carriers (APCs).

The company revealed that the last vehicle has been delivered to the army as part of a mid-life support contract signed in 2013.

The agreement saw Patria integrate new electrical systems and communications equipment into the armored vehicles.

It has also improved the space allotted for military personnel who will use the APCs for transport.

Additionally, the vehicles’ engines, power transmission, and axles were inspected and replaced.

Patria stated that the mid-life upgrade provided to the XA-180 APCs will extend their service life until 2040.

“XA-series, also known as ‘Pasi’ vehicles, modernization project has been an important project for Patria and the lifecycle of the vehicles has been secured until the 2040s. By then, the mobility performance of XA-180 vehicles is meant to be replaced by the new Patria 6×6 vehicles,” company official Tommi Svensk said.

A total of 204 XA-180s reportedly undertook modernization for an estimated 51 million euros ($53 million).

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