UK to Join Dutch-Led Military Mobility Project

The British Ministry of Defence has confirmed its participation in the Netherlands-led Military Mobility project, further enhancing cross-border military transport procedures across Europe.

The Military Mobility project was established to enable the unhindered movement of troops and equipment within the EU by cutting lengthy bureaucratic procedures on the road, rail, air, or sea. 

“We are joining the Dutch-led Military Mobility project, which will better enable us to deploy troops and equipment across Europe and crucially support EU-NATO cooperation,” Prime Minister Ben Wallace said. 

“Working with our EU partners, we will ensure greater European security and a collective and determined response to our support for Ukraine.”

Important Military Ally

The former EU member is the latest addition to the Dutch-led project, joining 24 other member states. Norway, Canada, and the US joined last year. 

Dutch Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren also welcomed the UK’s participation following the approval of the EU Council of Ministers, emphasizing the country’s ability to respond to crises in the region.

“I very much welcome today’s Council decision and we will send the official invitation to London today. The UK is an important military ally and will provide a lot of added value to the project,” Ollongren said.

“It is a positive signal that the UK is seeking cooperation with the EU on defence matters. We very much need each other in these turbulent times.”

Permanent Structured Cooperation

The Dutch-led project is part of the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) framework.

Launched in 2017, PESCO was formed for a more coherent European defense capability through planned and impact-based cooperation.

“It is a framework and a structured process to gradually deepen defence cooperation to deliver the required capabilities to also undertake the most demanding missions and thereby provide an improved security to EU citizens,” the EU said.

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