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S. Korea Tests Indigenous Missile Defense System Interception 

South Korea recently conducted an interception test of its Long-range Surface-to-Air Missile (L-SAM).

The missile defense system successfully intercepted an incoming missile target during the test, which followed a flight test in February, Yonhap News Agency wrote, citing military officials.

The Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and LIG Nex1-developed system has been in development since 2019 to counter North Korea’s growing ballistic missile capability. 

Deployment Planned by 2027

The ADD plans to develop the system by 2024, begin mass production two years later, and deploy it by 2027.

The system reportedly comprises two types of interceptor missiles: for ballistic missiles and aircraft, with an expected range of 150 kilometers (93 miles) and altitude of 40 to 100 kilometers (25 to 62 miles).

The dual-pulse solid-propellant rocket-powered system comprises a multifunction radar, a command-and-control center, a combat control station, and four truck-mounted launchers: two for each missile type.

Missile Defense Shield

The L-SAM is part of the country’s layered missile defense shield, the Korea Air and Missile Defense, announced by Seoul in 2021 and slated for completion by 2035. 

The 2.89 trillion won ($2.56 billion) system will be designed to counter artillery shells, missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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