Lockheed Martin to Supply TPY-4 Air Surveillance Radars to Norway

Lockheed Martin has been contracted to produce and deliver eight TPY-4 air surveillance radar systems to the Norwegian military.

The next-generation ground-based radar is expected to enhance the country’s long-range surveillance capability.

According to the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA), the need for cutting-edge radar systems increases as air-based threats become more sophisticated.

The country has reportedly sought more capable radars to detect small targets at longer ranges and provide enhanced electronic protection measures.

“The TPY-4 radar will provide the people of Norway with the confidence of 24/7/365 homeland security for decades to come,” NDMA official Øyvind Kvalvik said. He added that the acquisition of new detection systems is of utmost importance to the nation.


Lockheed Martin’s TPY-4 multi-mission radar can operate in contested electromagnetic environments and provide warfighters with the ability to detect and track current and emerging threats.

The system can also be reconfigured and adapted to new missions without requiring architectural or hardware changes.

Once delivered to the Norwegian military, the TPY-4 will integrate seamlessly into the country’s air defense systems.

“We are grateful to be selected to help protect the safety of Norwegians. The TPY-4 is a continued advancement of our 21st Century Security vision supporting joint all domain operations for the US and its allies,” Lockheed Martin vice president Chandra Marshall said.

TPY-4 radar
The TPY-4 radar can detect and track sophisticated air-based threats. Photo: Lockheed Martin

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