US Air Force Rescue Group Receives First Jolly Green II Chopper

The US Air Force 563rd Rescue Group has received its first HH-60W Jolly Green II helicopter at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

The combat rescue chopper was delivered by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DMCA) Sikorsky Aircraft, responsible for managing aerial capabilities on behalf of US-based enterprises.

Following its shipment from Connecticut, the aircraft will be fielded by the Arizona-based 66th Rescue Squadron.

Updated Frame, Avionics

The HH-60W is the latest upgrade of the Sikorsky H-60 series and was designed to replace the existing HH-60G Pave Hawks.

The HH-69W also has an updated frame and avionics that will “vastly improve the squadron’s capabilities” for combat rescue mission training and operations.

“The rescue squadron pilots are looking forward to the glass cockpit, which is a giant improvement over steam gauges used in the HH-60G,” 66th Rescue Squadron’s Capt. Jose Martinez said.

“The best part was seeing the young mechanics’ excitement about how this brand-new airframe will improve maintainability compared to their HH-60Gs,” DCMA Sikorsky Aircraft Commander Capt. Dan Short added.

“It’s very rewarding when you get the opportunity to see the impact of our efforts at the ground level.”


In 2021, the US Air Force HH-60W Jolly Green II completed its year-long development test at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

The combat rescue chopper obtained its initial operational capability in October 2021.

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