Elbit Systems to Provide Moroccan Army With Electronic Warfare Solutions

Israeli-based defense firm Elbit Systems has been awarded a $70-million contract to provide the Royal Moroccan Army with advanced electronic warfare solutions.

Named “Alinet,” the system would enable the army to disrupt enemy air defenses.

It also allows military units to detect the locations of hostile forces using radar signals.

As part of the agreement, Elbit Systems will deliver ground-based electronic warfare and signal intelligence technologies supporting electronic countermeasures.

The technology also comes with a command-and-control system for ease of operation.

“These units will generate a comprehensive passive air and ground picture and provide an electronic order of battle, which enables an effective response to both air and ground threats,” the company stated.

The Alinet System

The Alinet system is reportedly considered “classified” since it can detect electromagnetic signals.

It is designed to determine radar frequencies to suppress various air defense systems.

Once information such as enemy positions is received, the system can transmit the data to Bayraktar TB2 and HAROP drones to launch an attack.

“We witness a growing demand for our [electronic warfare and signal intelligence] solutions as militaries across the globe increasingly recognize the critical importance of dominating the electromagnetic spectrum,” Elbit Systems manager Oren Sabag said.

Strengthening Air and Land Defense

The multi-million-dollar contract Morocco awarded to Elbit Systems is part of the country’s push to upgrade its military equipment and bolster its air and land defenses.

Last month, the Royal Moroccan Army procured an undisclosed number of Wing Loong II medium-altitude, long-endurance drones from China.

The country also took delivery of its first batch of 36 Caesar artillery weapons from French manufacturer Nexter Systems.

“This type of mobile system that is fast to initiate will considerably strengthen the firepower of the Royal Moroccan artillery, thus providing effective support on the ground to the various infantry and mechanized brigades among others,” the army stated.

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