Royal Navy Joins US, Greek Sailors in Eastern Mediterranean Ops

The Royal British Navy recently conducted maritime operations with its American and Greek allies as HMS Defender sailed through the Eastern Mediterranean.

The 152-meter (499 feet) T45 destroyer was deployed with the amphibious assault ship HMS Albion, which heads the Royal Navy’s Littoral Response Group North tasked with protecting the security and prosperity of areas strategically important to the UK, particularly in Europe.

HMS Defender trained with Greek frigate HS Elli in skills such as surface and electronic warfare and air defense.

The British warship also drilled with the USS George HW Bush Carrier Strike Group, testing HMS Defender’s air defense capabilities in an exercise with F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets.

“Defender controlled some of the F/A-18s during the exercise with her Fighter Controllers, demonstrating the ability to work seamlessly with a close NATO ally,” the Royal Navy said.

“The ship has proved its highly modern capabilities including exercising the embarked Royal Marine boarding team and controlling fighter jets launched from the nuclear aircraft carrier the USS GHW Bush.”

‘Advanced Warship’

Launched in 2009, HMS Defender features advanced air defense capabilities for the British Navy’s surface fleet.

The warship is equipped with a Sea Viper anti-air missile system, capable of neutralizing naval and aerial threats from up to 70 miles (112 kilometers) away.

“At any one time, this high-tech warship could be hunting pirates, drug runners and submarines, defending the Fleet air attack, or providing humanitarian aid after a natural disaster,” the navy stated.

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