Canada Deploys Second Arctic Patrol Ship After 3 Years

Three years after being launched, the Royal Canadian Navy has deployed its second arctic and offshore patrol ship (AOPS), the “HMCS Margaret Brooke.”

A commissioning ceremony in eastern Canada featured a symbolic presentation of the commissioning pennant and the “keys to the ship.”

Commander Nicole Robichaud said that the event marked the culmination of the effort and dedication of so many to build the new vessel.

“The commissioning of a ship is symbolic, and although we have been tirelessly at work for many months, today’s ceremony is significant as HMCS Margaret Brooke flies its commissioning pennant and is welcomed to the fleet,” she said.

The newly-commissioned ship is expected to enhance the Royal Canadian Navy’s maritime capabilities and allow the country to address future defense challenges in its offshore and Arctic waters.

The HMCS Margaret Brooke

The HMCS Margaret Brooke is one of six Harry DeWolf-class AOPS.

It can carry three 12-meter (40-feet) landing craft for transferring personnel and equipment to areas where no port services are available.

The AOPS is equipped with Mk-38 25-millimeter guns and M2 Browning machine guns.

Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said that the HMCS Margaret Brooke would enhance the country’s presence and awareness in the Arctic region.

“These modern ships bring new capabilities to Canada’s prosperity, defense, and security,” she remarked. “As the ship is commissioned today, I extend my congratulations to HMCS Margaret Brooke, and thank its officers and crew, for all of their efforts and dedication in service of Canada.”

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