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Kraken to Supply Sonars for Sub-Surface Drones of Two NATO Navies

Kraken Robotics has secured a $1.1 million contract to provide its AquaPix synthetic aperture sonar for the sub-surface drones of two NATO navies.

AquaPix was designed to replace traditional high-end side scan systems on autonomous vehicles. It delivers improved range, resolution, and area coverage.

According to Kraken, military customers use the configurable sonar’s flexibility to conduct post-mission analysis.

It can also be utilized in scientific and commercial applications in addition to military sorties.

To date, AquaPix has been integrated into more than 20 types of underwater vehicles for operations in shallow water to full ocean depth.

Other Contracts With Kraken Sonars

In July, Kraken and a US defense contractor signed a $2 million agreement for the procurement of AquPix sonars to be installed on subsurface drones developed by the unnamed customer.

Also in July, Kraken received contracts valued at $1 million to provide sonar equipment and services to three separate customers. The agreements included the SeaVision laser scanner, MINSAS 60 LW sensors, as well as training, maintenance, and development.

A separate NATO member awarded the company a $9-million follow-on contract for KATFISH sonars and autonomous launch and recovery systems in September.

In October, Kraken received $1.1 million in AquaPIx contracts from two customers that will integrate the sonar with their respective small man-portable sub-surface drones. The orders will be delivered to the UK and serve as Kraken’s first sale to Singapore.

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