Spain, Slovenia, and Portugal Hold Chemical, Nuclear Defense Drill

The armed forces of Spain, Slovenia, and Portugal held a joint exercise to improve their response to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

Named Celulex 22, the five-day training involved more than 250 civilian and military personnel at a weapons school in Lisbon, Portugal.

Participants wore protective equipment and inspected outdoor and indoor locations.

They also performed tasks such as transporting casualties and checking animals for potential biological threat.

Additionally, soldiers were seen using robots to inspect areas that were difficult to reach.

Russian Nuclear Threat

The exercise comes after a Russian parliamentarian suggested Moscow would lose the war if it did not launch a nuclear strike against the US.

Yevgeny Fedorov said that defeating Ukraine will be impossible if Russia only uses conventional weapons.

He further asserted that Moscow is currently at war with NATO, an alliance that has “almost endless” military resources.

Spain, Slovenia, and Portugal are all members of NATO.

“[The military resource] is more than a hundred times larger,” Fedorov stressed. “In order for the US to understand the seriousness of Moscow’s intentions, a new Cuban Missile Crisis must be triggered.”

The parliamentarian wants the country to specifically strike the Nevada nuclear test site with a ballistic missile.

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