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DCS to Support US Air Force ‘Seek Eagle’ Program

The US Air Force Test Center has awarded DCS a $93.3 million contract to provide modeling, analysis, and tools support for the Seek Eagle Program.

The five-year agreement will support the air force aircraft-stores certification process for the 96th Test Wing’s Air Force Seek Eagle Office (AFSEO) at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

The agreement ensures that stores can accommodate various configurations and are suited to multi-role aircraft.

Under the contract, DCS and its subcontractors will provide aircraft store certification, scientific and engineering methodologies for compatibility programs, and related tools at the air base.

DCS will also provide engineering analysis and management support for existing and future requirements.

“DCS is proud to continue our work with the Air Force Test Center to help advance modeling and analysis capabilities,” DCS CEO Jim Benbow said.

“We are committed to upholding and advancing AFSEO’s mission of expanding compatibility of state-of-the-art weapons and providing accurate combat weapon delivery software.”

Seek Eagle Program

AFSEO uses the Seek Eagle Progam as a standard for aircraft store certification to deliver capabilities for existing and future aircraft.

The office provides manpower, engineering tools, data management, and software applications for the load, carry, and deployment of legacy and developmental stores.

The stores include aircraft, engines, propellers, ballistics, electrical components, and safety and emergency equipment.

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