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Boeing Completes Delivery of Advanced Communications System to Australia

Boeing has completed the delivery of a cutting-edge battlefield communications system to the Australian Army.

The delivery was part of an 875-million Australian dollar ($569.7 million) program to modernize the army’s battlefield telecommunications network.

Named the “Currawong,” the communications system is mounted on Bushmaster vehicles and is designed to securely connect Australian forces and headquarters “from anywhere in the world, anytime.”

It reportedly features multiple transmission options to deliver improved communications services for various missions.

Boeing says it is undertaking further advancement to ensure the system stays relevant in an evolving threat environment.

The company is also exploring integrating the Currawong into platforms other than Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles.

“The Currawong Battlespace Communications System is one of the most successful complex development programs undertaken in our recent history,” Boeing Vice President Scott Carpendale said.

Currawong battlespace communications system
Boeing’s Currawong battlespace communications system with secure wideband voice, data, and video services over wireless and wired infrastructure. Photo: Boeing

Program Delays

The production and delivery of the Currawong communications system have not been smooth-sailing, according to a report by Breaking Defense.

The Australian Ministry of Defence revealed that a power issue identified on Bushmaster vehicles affected the timeline for completing the delivery of the system.

Supply chain issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the flooding in South East Queensland earlier this year also delayed the program.

However, the ministry clarified that the delays will not affect the system achieving final operational capability in 2023.

“The close collaboration between Boeing Defence Australia and the Commonwealth in the design and development of the Integrated Battlefield Telecommunications Network has been key in the successful implementation of this capability for defense,” Australian Army official Michael King said.

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