USAF Launches Pilot-Tailored ‘Ready Airman Training’

The US Air Force has introduced a new foundational Ready Airman Training program for pilots, equipping them with vital skills during critical missions at home and abroad.

The training transitioned on October 1 and features tailored drills for the 18-month Reset, Prepare, and Ready phases of the Air Force Force Generation (AFFORGEN) cycle.

AFFORGEN is a deployment model that ensures a sustainable and high-end readiness force offering of airmen and airpower to the Joint Forcean initiative to draw together all military services and resources to strengthen the country’s combat capabilities.

The new program allows unit commanders to adjust the number of training events required based on pilot trainees’ level of preparedness and the deployment phase they are entering.

“Ready Airman Training serves as the continuum of combat learning for all Airmen while being adaptable to each individual Airman’s experience level and allowing commanders the flexibility to tailor training for specific operating environments,” air force training and readiness director Maj. Gen. Albert Miller explained.

In March, a team of 70 experts identified 12 focus areas for the training program, including Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape; Integrated Defense; Active Threat Response; Tactical Combat Casualty Care All Service Members Course; Comprehensive Airman Fitness; Cross Cultural Communications; and Information Environment Awareness.

“The vision for how Airmen train and deploy embraces an emerging culture of support maintaining and building readiness across the AFFORGEN phases,” Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr said. 

“We must challenge the status quo to prepare our Airmen for operating in environments far more complex than we have in the past.” 

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