Northrop Delivers 100,000 Precision Guidance Kits to US Army

Northrop Grumman has completed the production and delivery of 100,000 precision guidance kits (PGK) to the US Army.

The PGKs transform conventional 155-millimeter artillery projectiles into GPS-guided weapons, increasing their accuracy.

According to the company, the kits have a safety feature that prevents detonation if the PGK predicts that the projectile will exceed the selected miss distance.

They will soon be equipped with a GPS M-Code to protect the PGKs from jamming.

Once deployed, the 100,000 PGKs are expected to provide the army with superior firing accuracy on the battlefield.

Maintaining Superior Performance

According to the US Army Acquisition Support Center, the PGK contains a GPS guidance kit and an integrated receiver to correct errors in ballistic firing.

The kit and receiver significantly increase the efficiency of artillery, allowing operators to engage targets while minimizing collateral damage.

“PGK’s precision provides a critical capability to artillery units, enabling forces to rapidly achieve mission success by reducing the number of rounds required to defeat targets,” Northrop Grumman Vice President Dave Fine said.

“Throughout our 100,000 deliveries, we’ve maintained superior performance, surpassing the Army’s objectives for both accuracy and reliability.”

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