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Israel Shipyards Launches New S-45 Offshore Patrol Vessel

Shipbuilder Israel Shipyards has launched its new multi-mission offshore patrol vessel (OPV) S-45 for enhanced coastal protection by the Israeli Navy.

The company launched the tailored-made ship at its headquarters in the port city of Haifa on September 29.

Israel Shipyards said the S-45 is a cost-effective watercraft designed for coastal protection, drilling rigs, and offshore facilities protection.

The 45-meter (148 feet) vessel also features highly advanced weapon systems and an optional helicopter carrying capacity.

“We are excited and proud to launch another tailored-made, multi-mission vessel made by our experts and devoted employees who empowers our vessels into future solutions,” the company said in a statement.

“After several months of construction at our facilities, the OPV S-45 was launched and set sail for the first time.”

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