US Army Greenlights Full Deployment of Enterprise Aviation Software

The US Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems has been granted authority to proceed with full system deployment of the Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) Enterprise Aviation software.

The deployment, greenlighted by army acquisition executive (AAE) Douglas R. Bush will integrate the software solution into international army aviation units.

GCSS-Army will field the Enterprise Aviation software and provide training for approximately 51,000 personnel from 395 army aviation units at 170 installations worldwide.

With the software, the army’s aviation community will have a system for real-time tactical logistics and finance management.

Commanders will also have access to timely combat readiness information for critical battlefield decisions.

3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Soldiers use GCSS-Army's Enterprise Aviation software
3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Soldiers use GCSS-Army’s Enterprise Aviation software. Photo: GCSS-Army

The system acquisition and fielding of Enterprise Aviation will be completed by September 2023, with GCSS-Army providing capability support thereafter.

US Army Enterprise Resource Planning

The recent authorization completes six limited deployments dating back to December 2019, delivered on schedule and under budget.

According to the PEO EIS, the Enterprise Aviation software was developed and tested in coordination with stakeholder organizations.

GCSS-Army is one of the US Army’s ERPs (enterprise resource planning) set to merge into a centralized business system under the Enterprise Business Systems-Convergence initiative.

The force’s aviation community could not incorporate data into the army’s tactical logistics enterprise, according to the US Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems.

The problem left leaders “without accurate, organization-wide visibility into vital data needed to properly allocate resources for aviation units and operations.”

“The AAE’s full deployment decision is a major milestone for the program and the Army,” Project Manager Kevin Curry said.

“The GCSS-Army team’s ability to deliver this capability on schedule given tight budgetary constraints is nothing short of amazing.”

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