Collins Aerospace to Supply F-15EX Wheels, Brakes to US Air Force

Boeing has selected Collins Aerospace to deliver boltless wheels and carbon brakes for lots one to three of the F-15EX aircraft currently in production for the US Air Force.

The supply is part of the Wheel and Brake System Improvement (WBSI) program to design, develop, and qualify the legacy wheels and brakes on the Boeing production line for the F-15EX. 

“After five years of operations, Collins’ wheels and brakes continue to meet or exceed all US Air Force performance standards for the WBSI program,” the company said in a statement.

“Collins set out to drive down the lifecycle cost over the lifespan of the aircraft while increasing the longevity of the wheel and carbon brakes.” 

‘Reliable Landing System’

Collins’ lock ring wheel and carbon brake offers a “reliable landing system” for military platforms with enhanced safety operations.

The carbon brake is equipped with higher energy absorption capability with faster cooling rates, allowing for safer operation and a longer life cycle.

The two-piece aluminum lock ring wheel operates with easier overhaul maintenance and reduced service requirements. 

The system provides 1,400 more landings per overhaul than the current brake system.

The cost-efficient boltless wheels also enable a 25,000-mile (40,233 kilometers) fatigue life, allowing military fighters and cargo aircraft to be mission-ready.

“Our world-class engineering team designed and developed a state-of-the-art wheel and carbon brake system that upends legacy systems currently in use,” Executive Director Matt Maurer said.

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