UK Defense Ministry Receives 10 Specialist Military Vehicles

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has received its first 10 of 120 Marshall Land Systems specialist military vehicles to replace the aging Wedgewood vehicle fleet.

The new explosive ordnance disposal and electronic countermeasure vehicles are part of the 60-million pound ($64.5 million) GASKET fleet program to build platforms that reach remote locations quickly while ensuring troop safety.

The program targets a range of 300 new vehicles, from first-response vehicles to a new 4X4 medium-scale vehicle.

On September 20, the GASKET 3 vehicles deployed on their first mission where soldiers disposed of a recovered hand grenade.

The Starter robot in front of the two new GASKET vehicles
Starter robot in front of the two new GASKET vehicles. Photo: UK Ministry of Defence

Marshall Land Systems said its bomb disposal vehicles enhance British Army capabilities by integrating the “latest technologies onto a more reliable vehicle platform.”

“The new GASKET vehicle is great, a massive improvement on our current vehicle. We did notice our Vehicle-Borne IED disruptor could be in a better place for quick access and our suggestions were included in the final design,” a Royal Logistics Corps official said.

A total of eight vehicle variants will be supplied across the UK, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and Gibraltar.

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