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BAE to Develop Filter Tech to Improve US Radar, EW Capabilities

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded BAE Systems a $6.5 million contract to develop a filter technology aimed at scaling up the department’s radar, communications, and electronic warfare capabilities.

The agreement covers the COmpact Front-end Filters at the ElEment-level (COFFEE) program to improve the performance of critical DoD radio frequency (RF) and microwave systems.

BAE said the program would improve protection for high channel-count RF systems, mitigating enemy interference in congested environments.

“Wideband, highly integrated RF systems are essential to enable mission critical operations; however, high-bandwidth receivers often have limited dynamic range that can leave them vulnerable to electronic jamming,” BAE Chief Technologist Chris Rappa said.

“COFFEE will provide filtering technology to protect systems and make them more robust and resistant to interference.”

The program is part of the five-year Electronics Resurgence Initiative of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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