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Iran Test Fires First Multiple Launch Missile System

Iran test-fired a domestically-produced Fath 360 surface-to-surface missile during a military drill this month, Fars News reported.

The missile initially flies at Mach 3 (3,704 kilometers/2,304 miles per hour), increasing its speed to Mach 4 as it connects to satellites for rapid homing, Tasnim News Agency wrote, citing Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Nozar Ne’mati.

The weapon’s guidance system receives constant input from multiple satellites to keep the missile on the correct path, Iran Press News Agency added, citing Second Brigadier General Karim Cheshak.

Takes Out Air Defense Systems

The test paves the way for the domestic production of a short-range missile that can be fired from a multiple launch rocket system mounted on a vehicle, Asia Times reported

According to the outlet, the missile is a smaller version of the Fateh ballistic missile being developed to take out short-range air defense systems in greater numbers.

This would allow the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Forces to focus on longer-range strikes.


The four-meter missile weighs 850 to 1,100 kilograms (1,874 to 2,425 pounds), including a 150-kilogram (331 pounds) warhead.

It can strike targets 80 to 100 kilometers (50 to 62 miles) away. Missile launchers with two, four, and six launch tubes are available to launch the weapon.

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