Rheinmetall to Supply 48 Airfield Fuel Tank Trucks to German Armed Forces

Arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has secured a deal to deliver 48 airfield fuel tank trucks to German Army and Air Force airfields.

The Bundeswehr has partnered with Rheinmetall for the purchase of the vehicles “worth a figure in the mid-two-digit million-euro range.”

The defense equipment provider will start supplying the tank trucks in July 2023 and is expected to complete the order by the end of 2024.

The agreement, which includes a service period of 12 years beyond delivery, also covers supplies of fuelling components for the tank build-on as well as special tools.

‘Special’ Vehicle

The TGS 8×4 airfield fuel tank truck features “a 22,000-liter volume tank, a latest-generation filter, and a digitized build-on that can be linked to information systems.”

The truck also includes digital format documentation of its extensive vehicle and spare parts backed by a global military service and support network.

Truck Developers

Rheinmetall developed the airfield fuel tank truck in partnership with Esterer, a producer of build-ons for tank trucks for civil and military use.

“This order is important to Rheinmetall not only because it deepens the Group’s business relations with the Bundeswehr; it is also the first time it has been able to demonstrate – in cooperation with Esterer – its special expertise in the field of military tanks trucks,” Rheinmetall said in a statement.


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