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AeroVironment to Supply ‘Puma’ Drones to Two US Allies

The US Defense Department has awarded AeroVironment a $20 million contract to deliver Puma drones to two undisclosed allied nations.

The supply of Puma 3 AE small unmanned aircraft systems is under two firm-fixed-price foreign military sales program contracts, enabling interoperability among US and allied forces for joint operations.

“Our allies are continuing to adopt and deploy Puma 3 AE and other AeroVironment systems as they recognize the importance of equipping their frontline forces with lifesaving, force overmatch solutions,” Vice President Trace Stevenson said.

Mission-Critical Capabilities

The 4.6-foot (1.4-meter) Puma 3 AE is a lightweight aircraft that delivers mission critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in all environments. 

AeroVironment recently unveiled a new virtual navigation system for the drone that enables operators to execute missions with unprecedented advantage in GPS-contested environments.

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