Airbus Signs Sustainment Contract With HeliDax Helicopters

French helicopter operator HeliDax has signed a contract for Airbus’ first-ever HCare Classics support package to optimize its fleet of 36 H120 helicopters used for training the French and Belgian armies.

Since 2008, HeliDax has provided basic and advanced training to the French and Belgian armed forces and the French Gendarmerie with its operational air assets.

In the past 14 years, HeliDax has trained “multiple generations of helicopter pilots” and tallied more than 22,000 flight hours per year.

The Airbus package guarantees HeliDax’s fleet, currently the largest in-service H120 fleet in the world, of continued quality performance.

Keeping Service Availability

HeliDax Director Christian Prigentt expressed confidence that the company will benefit from Airbus’ “support and obsolescence monitoring” to maintain its fleet and service availability until its contract with the French government expires in 2030.

As HCare Classics is tailored to meet customers’ operational needs, Airbus official Christoph Zammert said it will secure the supply chain and ensure provision of spare parts, among other support needs.

HeliDax’s H120 Helicopter Fleet

HeliDax helicopters can be equipped to serve the specific needs of military users.

Among these features are an “automatic pilot with SUP mode,” a digital cockpit, and an automatic direction finder, and a radio altimeter that measures the height of the aircraft from a terrain directly below it.

The H120 helicopters are also designed with a flight data recorder, Ultra High and Very High Frequency equipment, low level indoor and outdoor lighting, and swiveling retractable landing lights compatible with night vision goggles.

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