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Collins Aerospace to Supply US Army With Vehicular Navigation System

The US Army has awarded Collins Aerospace a production contract to supply Mounted Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing System (MAPS) Gen II.

The five-year agreement is valued at $583 million.

MAPS Gen II is the latest generation of the company’s Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) technology, providing anti-jamming and anti-spoofing for manned and unmanned ground vehicles.

It was selected following the Other Transaction Authority phase to demonstrate the system’s ability to provide warfighters with a decisive advantage against other PNT threats.

“Real world testing in the competitive phase of the MAPS program has proven that the MAPS Gen II system raises the bar for Assured PNT performance when GPS is challenged or denied,” Collins Aerospace Communication, Navigation, and Guidance Vice President and General Manager Ryan Bunge said.

“Collins’ long history in guidance and navigation has helped us bring MAPS Gen II into production as quickly as possible, and our world-class manufacturing capability will continue providing America’s warfighters with the best protection available,” he added.


MAPS Gen II is built with Collin Aerospace’s NavHub-100 navigation system and MSAS-100 (multi-sensor antenna system), incorporating advanced protection to counter evolving PNT and electronic threats in multi-domain operations.

By integrating the MAPS Gen II into ground vehicles, soldiers can “navigate through high-threat environments with the confidence of knowing where they are, where they need to go, at the precise time with weapons on target.”

MAPS Gen II uses Collin Aerospace’s NavFusion platform, which provides data collected from multiple sensors with M-code GPS.

Its Modular Open-System Architecture reads technology insertions from feedback provided by soldiers and system integration teams from the Department of Defense.

The positioning system is also compatible with the PRC-162 manpack ground radios ordered by the US Army for its Handheld, Manpack, and Small Form Fit (HMS) program earlier this month.

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