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Philippine Navy to Acquire More Modern Warships in Next Five Years

The Philippine Navy plans to acquire more modern warships in the next five years to be on par with neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

According to Rear Adm. Caesar Bernard Valencia, the country expects the arrival of seven additional Acero-class gunboats in the next few years.

It will also procure new offshore patrol vessels, construction landing docks, and next-generation corvettes.

Valencia revealed that the arrival of new Philippine Navy warships would make them an average of 10 years old, “comparable and even better than our maritime neighbors.”

At present, the navy operates two brand new missile frigates, two anti-submarine helicopters, two landing docks, and 12 multi-purpose attack craft.

Six warships are also equipped with Israeli Spike-ER surface-to-surface missiles.

‘Modern and Multi-Capable’

In his assumption speech as the new acting flag-officer-in-command, Valencia recalled a memorable experience with an aging warship that he and other naval personnel used during a naval exercise.

He said that due to the ship being outdated, they missed a target “by a mile” and were told to cease fire because the deck was brittle and about to collapse.

“So much rust was raining down below deck due to the recoil of our naval guns,” he added.

However, Valencia noted that the Philippine Navy has done a lot to modernize its fleet.

“As we continue to sail on towards our vision year in 2028 to be modern and multi-capable, the Navy’s promise to our maritime nation is that your Navy can still be better, and that your Navy will be better,” the official remarked.

“And although much has been achieved over the years, the Navy’s proudest moments are still to come.”

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