Canada Receives Third Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship Max Bernays

The Royal Canadian Navy has received its third Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) to support surveillance missions in the country’s maritime territories and the Arctic region.

Named Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Max Bernays, the patrol vessel measures 103 meters (337 feet) long, the largest ship built in Canada in over five decades.

It can transport military equipment including a Cyclone helicopter, light armored vehicles, and deployable boats.

Besides surveillance and cargo transport, HMCS Max Bernays also performs missions such as search and rescue, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and drug interdiction.

“Today’s delivery of our third AOPS, HMCS Max Bernays, brings the Royal Canadian Navy one step closer to our full fleet of six modern, ice-capable ships,” navy commander Angus Topshee said, as quoted by Defense Brief.

The patrol ship will remain at Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard Halifax for post-acceptance work and will be transferred to the west coast in 2023.

Canada’s AOPS Fleet

Canada expects to have a fleet of six AOPS to bolster its maritime and Arctic presence.

The Harry DeWolf-class ships were named in honor of Canadian wartime naval hero Vice-Admiral Harry DeWolf.

The lead ship was delivered to Canada in 2020 and commissioned into the RCN in June 2021.

Last month, Irving Shipbuilding Inc. announced the beginning of construction for HMCS Robert Hampton Gray, the sixth and final AOPS for the Canadian Navy.

“Each of the AOPS represents a new and important capability for the Navy, and we are excited that this ship will soon be officially welcomed into the RCN fleet,” Topshee remarked.

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