Leonardo Delivers First Columbia-Class Submarine Propulsion Engine

Leonardo DRS has delivered its first main propulsion engine to General Dynamics Electric Boat for integration into the US Navy’s lead Columbia-class submarine.

The propulsion system recently completed factory acceptance trials, including full power endurance and related tests, which began in December 2020.

Other lead ship components are currently in assembly and will follow the engine delivery.

“We are proud to play a key role in developing and providing this capability for the U.S. Navy on this critical national defense asset,” DRS Naval Power Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager Jon Miller said.

“Our long history of providing innovative technology to the U.S. Navy and continuing this work for Electric Boat ensures our sailors will be defending this country with the most advanced submarine in the world,” Miller added.

Columbia-Class Submarines

The project is part of a US Navy project to build 12 new ballistic missile submarines to replace its Ohio-class submarines.

The $5 billion initiative will produce a larger class than the service’s current fleet.

Once completed, the Columbia-class will be the largest submarine ever built by the United States.

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