US Army to Create Offensive Cyber Capabilities Office

The US Army has announced that it will create an office next year dedicated to overseeing the country’s offensive cyber and space capabilities.

Offensive cyber refers to cyberspace operations intended to project power through application of force in or through cyberspace.

Called the Program Manager Cyber and Space, the office will be responsible for testing and fielding cutting-edge equipment, such as aerial jamming pods, biometric information systems, and battlefield navigation tools.

Establishing a new office is reportedly an important move due to increasing workloads and demands related to cyber and space.

“Because we’ve seen mission growth in that area, we’re going to spin off,” Mark Kitz from the Program Executive Office for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors said.

The new cyber and space office will be led by a colonel.

Last month, the US Army announced the establishment of a “triad” that will combine space, cyber, and special operations capabilities to conceptualize effective battlefield strategies for modern warfare.

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