German Naval Yards to Unveil New Corvette Design

German Naval Yards will exhibit the design for its new corvette SEAGUARD 96 at the upcoming Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine (SMM 2022) trade fair in Hamburg this month.

The design was developed in partnership with the firm’s French sister shipyard, Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie.


The 96-meter (315-feet) corvette has a beam of 13.5 meters (44 feet) and a displacement of 2,000 tons, with the capacity for up to 60 personnel.

The vessel is powered by twin main diesel engines, controllable pitch propellers, and four diesel generators. It has a maximum speed of 28 knots (52 kilometers/32 miles per hour).

It is equipped with a next-generation combat management system that includes a 3D radar. It also includes advanced, customizable weapon systems and sensors for enhanced anti-air and anti-surface operability.

The ship’s hull is formed with an innovative slender bow section to improve sea keeping and efficiency.

Its superstructure and topside are designed with a stealthy, modular design featuring integrated flush side and main mast hull compartments. The stern is also spacious enough for a vertical aircraft platform and hangar.

German Naval Yards SEAGUARD 96 concept
German Naval Yards SEAGUARD 96 concept. Image: German Naval Yards/provided

German Naval Yards’ Recent Projects

This year, the company converted the French tugboats Abeille Normandie and Abeille Méditerranée into emergency towing ships for search and rescue operations in the English Channel and the Mediterranean Sea.

The firm also equipped the German Navy’s Berlin-class combat replenishment ship Frankfurt am Main EGV with an integrated marine rescue center that includes two operating theaters, an X-ray room, a dental clinic, laboratories, and other medical equipment.

In June, the company collaborated with Leviathan GmbH to launch a pilot “green & emission-free ship recycling” project to repurpose ships into works of art per EU Regulation 1257 (EU Ship Recycling Regulation).

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