Clavister to Provide Cybersecurity for Swedish Satellite Communications

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration has awarded a proof of concept contract to Clavister to provide cybersecurity technology for satellite networks.

In the deal, Sweden ordered the delivery of specialized technology to assist the military in monitoring any disturbances in government satellite communications.

“There has never been a more important time to ensure our core communications networks are secured from disruption and malicious attacks,” Clavister CTO Nils Undén said.

“Nowhere is that more crucial than in the military and its satellite systems, and we look forward to collaborating with the FMV on an ongoing basis to ensure that work is done to the highest standard,” the CTO added.

Winning Swedish Defense’s ‘TechDay’

The contract was awarded to Clavister after the firm participated in the government agency’s “TechDay,” a military innovation program to identify novel technologies to enhance Swedish armed forces capabilities. The latest iteration of the competition focused on space technology.

“We are proud to have been awarded this contract and to have been chosen as the most innovative solution provider among a group of hugely impressive businesses,” Clavister Defence Solutions Head Stefan Brodin said.

“This win underlines the strength of our capabilities across industries and is a specific signal of intent for the applications of our AI technologies to the space sector,” Brodin added.

Cybersecurity for Combat Vehicles

Clavister has already worked on cybersecurity solutions with the defense sector to secure military platforms and equipment.

Today, the Örnsköldsvik-based network solutions company is collaborating with larger defense contractors including BAE Systems to develop military-grade cybersecurity and AI-based cyberattack detection for NATO-compliant combat vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles.

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