Germany Announces Vulcan Guided Artillery Shells for Ukraine

The German government updated its previously announced weapons list for Ukraine on Sunday, including munitions such as over 250 Vulcan guided long-range artillery shells.

Claimed to be the “most advanced technology” in “precise land artillery firings” by the manufacturer Leonardo, the 155mm Vulcan is expected to improve Ukrainian artillery’s range and accuracy against stationary and moving targets, reducing collateral damage. 

The shell, co-developed by Diehl Defence, can strike at a range up to 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) with accuracy within 5 meters (16.4 feet), Leonardo states on its website.

The shell’s insensitive munition can withstand extreme temperature, shock, and adjacent detonating munitions. Its radio frequency (RF) programmable fuse allows instantaneous and delayed impact.

The RF fuse can be replaced with a dedicated Semi-Active Laser sensor to engage laser-designated targets for additional accuracy. 

The shell can also be programmed to strike at its target from an angle of 90 degrees, significantly reducing its visibility from the enemy’s defense systems. 

More German Weapons for Ukraine

The most recent addition also includes 20 70mm vehicle-mounted rocket launchers, 2,000 rockets, and laser target designators, around 1,600 155mm projectiles, over 60,000 40mm ammunition, 30 MG3 machine guns, 12 armored recovery vehicles, and six pickup trucks.

The extension of over 40 counter-drone systems’ frequency range is also included.

Germany further plans to send 15 Gepard air defense systems in addition to the 15 already delivered.

The European nation is also including a Cobra counter-battery radar system and IRIS-T surface-launched air defense missile along with a range of other offensive and non-offensive military support.

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