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Elbit to Upgrade Main Battle Tanks for International Customer

Elbit Systems has received two contracts to upgrade main battle tanks (MBTs) for an international customer valued at $240 million.

The first contract, worth $60 million, requires the firm to complete the work within two years. The second contract, for $180 million, requires the upgrades over a period of four years.

According to the deal, the Israel-based company will also provide advanced electronic suites to modernize the vehicles.

“There is a renewed interest from militaries looking to improve the operational capabilities of their armoured platforms. I believe that Elbit Systems is uniquely positioned to address the growing demand in this market due to our ability to provide comprehensive solutions,” Elbit Systems President and CEO Bezhalel Machlis said.

The firm has not provided further details regarding the customers for the tank upgrades.

Modernizing Tanks and Other Ground Vehicles

Elbit Systems has been part of multiple tank modernization projects and other land-based combat units of armed forces across the globe. The firm’s services include control and communication platform upgrades, sensor development, weapon systems installation, and ammunition supply.

Last March, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration awarded the firm a $27 million contract to provide NATO-compliant ammunition, including M339 rounds, 120mm bullets, and Data Setting Units for Leopard Main Battle Tanks.

In May, the company signed a $69 million contract to produce electronic warfare capabilities for a country in the Asia-Pacific.

Recently, the firm unveiled an improved miniature version of its older Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight installed in many MBTs and armored fighting vehicles in service internationally. This electro-optical payload technology is utilized by ground vehicle operators for infrared-based recognition, target tracking, enhanced image processing, and laser detection.

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