Palantir to Implement AI Capabilities Across US Army Combatant Commands

The US Army Research Laboratory has awarded software firm Palantir a contract to implement artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities for the service’s combatant commands.

Valued at $99.9 million, the deal will see the company produce software platforms that quickly implement advanced AI capabilities to help address some of the most pressing US Department of Defense issues.

According to Palantir, the armed forces need “best-in-class” software to fulfill missions and boost capabilities to prepare for future conflicts.

“Maintaining a leading edge through technology is foundational to our mission and partnership with the Army Research Laboratory,” company President Akash Jain said.

“We are honored to support this critical work by teaming up to deliver the most advanced operational AI capabilities available with dozens of commercial and public sector partners.”

Palantir Senior Vice President Shannon Clark explained that the software will allow US Army personnel to leverage AI insights to make quick decisions across multiple domains.

“From outer space to the sea floor, and everything in between,” she stressed.

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