Turkish Military Eyes 34 Additional ATAK Helicopters by 2023

Turkey is seeking to increase its number of T129 ATAK helicopters to 91 by next year to bolster its combat capabilities, local media outlet Yeni Shafak reported on Wednesday.

The country currently operates 57 ATAK helicopters, with five more scheduled for delivery by the end of this year.

According to the report, the tactical reconnaissance and attack aircraft supports the Turkish Air Force’s border operations.

Its high maneuverability and performance make it an ideal helicopter for day and night missions.

With its heavy weapons load and cutting-edge systems, the chopper can perform in challenging weather and at high altitude.

T129 ATAK Helicopter

Developed jointly by AgustaWestland and Turkish Aerospace Industries, the T129 ATAK helicopter is based on the AW129 multi-role combat helicopter.

It has cutting-edge stealth features and weapon systems that allow for operations in complex battlefield environments and confined areas.

Its ballistic tolerance has also reportedly been increased for improved survivability against enemy fire.

Additionally, the T129 can carry up to 76 unguided rockets and a 20-millimeter cannon suitable for close air support missions.

It can also be mounted with anti-tank missiles, laser guided missiles, Stinger air-to-air missiles, and the latest electronic warfare and electro-optical systems.

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