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Steadicopter to Provide Unmanned Electric Helicopters to Israeli Navy

Rotary unmanned aerial systems (RUAS) developer Steadicopter has secured a contract to produce Black Eagle Electric helicopters for the Israeli Navy.

The electric aircraft are expected to cut costs on complex maritime operations and add efficient payload transport for Israel’s naval forces.

“In the past year, we have expanded the Black Eagle family with the addition of a hybrid and electric system of up to 50kg,” said Steadicopter Sales, Marketing & Business Development Vice President Noam Lidor in a press release.

“We are proud that just one year after the launch, we have already announced the winning of several significant contracts, for both systems, the latest of which is for the Israeli Navy – considered one of the most advanced forces in the world.”

Black Eagle Electric Family

The latest models, the Black Eagle 25E and the Black Eagle 50E, are electric-powered choppers with designs based on the Steadicopter’s original diesel-operated units.

The aircraft weigh only 25 and 50 kilograms (55 and 110 pounds), allowing the systems to carry additional payloads for logistical purposes.

The capabilities could be utilized for civilian and local law enforcement, maritime, and even covert operations.

The electric family performs similarly to the Black Eagle 50, including long hover durations, vertical take-off and landing, and mission sensor suites. Its hybrid engine platform can also select a generator as a power source for longer silent travel time and maximum stealth.

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