Australian Border Patrol Fleet to Receive Advanced Radar

Raytheon Technologies subsidiary RI&S is collaborating with Cobham Special Mission to upgrade the radars of the Australian border patrol fleet.

RI&S will install the latest version of its SeaVue Multi-Role equipment on Cobham’s fleet of Dash 8 fixed-wing aircraft. The plane operates for 15,000 hours and 2,500 missions annually under the Australian Border Force command.

The radar can identify up to 1,000 targets simultaneously at high altitudes, operate in extreme weather, and receive upgrades without costly hardware changes.

The radars will be developed at RI&S facilities in McKinney, Texas.

“Long-range detection of small targets from higher altitudes increases surveillance coverage and improves Australia’s capability to detect and counter Civil Maritime Security threats,” RI&S Surveillance and Networks Systems President Denis Donohue said.

Australian Border Aerial Security

Cobham is the major airborne surveillance contractor for the Exclusive Economic Zone of Australia, where most maritime-based industries, including shipping lanes, fisheries, and oil/gas fields, are active.

Since 1995, RI&S has provided Cobham with its SeaVue radars for patrol aircraft. The equipment is utilized in aerial operations, both in manned and unmanned aircraft, in nine countries, including Australia.

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