US Army Taps Allison Transmission to Power New Armored Combat Vehicle

The US Army has contracted the American firm Allison Transmission to provide the transmission system for the service’s newly designed armored combat vehicle.

The agreement is part of the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) program, one of the US Army’s highest priority modernization initiatives.

The company’s 3040 MX transmission is expected to provide infantry brigades with the ability to move faster across various terrain, enhancing soldier protection.

The transmission system will also provide the propulsion, steering, and braking for the MPF.

“Leveraging decades of product development experience, Allison has designed the 3040 MX to accommodate future controls platform evolutions, enabling advancements in system performance over the life cycle of the vehicle,” Allison Transmission stated in a press release.

Allison Transmission will manufacture the transmission at its global headquarters in Indianapolis.

‘Transformational Technology’

Allison Transmission Vice President for Defense Programs Dana Pittard said that the company is “honored” to have been chosen by the army to provide the propulsion solution for its “critically important” MPF program.

He described the 3040 MX transmission system as a “transformational technology necessary to fight and win on future battlefields.”

The US Army is expected to purchase more than 500 MPFs by 2035, giving Allison approximately $250 million in revenue for its transmission system.

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