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Collins Aerospace to Provide Mission System for US Army Aviation

Raytheon subsidiary Collins Aerospace has been selected to provide mission system solutions for the US Army Aviation Future Vertical Lift program’s air-launched effects (ALE).

This follows the success of the RapidEdge Mission System demonstration last November.

The ALE initiative tests the capability of existing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles to be mounted with explosives and carry a variety of payloads during missions.

RapidEdge aims to enhance the survivability and lethality of such platforms when controlling ALE units during operations with other threat systems.

Collins RapidEdge™ Mission System
Collins RapidEdge™ Mission System. Photo: Collins Aerospace/Raytheon Technologies

Its modular system architecture allows it to be integrated with third-party functions as needed by the US Army.

The system works through a “central functionality” feature that allows ALE units to improve “radios for communication, solutions for handling multiple levels of classified data and mission computing,” according to the company.

Moreover, it could connect any ALE units enlisted to enable a multiple and autonomous operation through “leveraging individual payloads to make a greater impact on dynamic and complex operational environments.”

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