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HENDSOLDT to Provide ‘Friend-or-Foe’ Tech to Israeli Aerial Radars

Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary ELTA Systems will receive cutting-edge Identification-Friend-or-Foe (IFF) technology from HENSOLDT as part of a 10-million-euro ($10.2 million) deal to develop MSSR 2000 ID and MSR1000I radars.

Also known as secondary surveillance radars, the IFF models have the capability to scan and identify aircraft within a certain vicinity and automatically send interrogation signals for confirmation.

Alongside its function of distinguishing hostile adversaries, the radars could also assist allied aircraft in preventing friendly fire, defending against hostile signal manipulation, and securing aerial communications.

Mode 5 IFF Radar in NATO

The tech firm is currently engaged with NATO members Germany, France, the US, and the UK to modify their IFF systems to the Mode 5 NATO standard for civil air traffic control and military air defense.

HENSOLDT is also developing crypto devices for tighter security of these nations’ naval and ground mission systems.

Furthermore, the German Navy fleet and some UK Royal Navy vessels already have the HENSOLDT radar installed on their platforms.

Over 700 of HENSOLDT’s IFF systems have been contracted by 42 nations since its release, according to the company.


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