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Taiwan’s First Indigenous Submarine Launch Scheduled in September 2023

Taiwan will launch its first Indigenous Defense Submarine (IDS) in September next year, according to a report by Taiwanese government-controlled news agency CNA.

The newly-developed submarine will eventually replace four older subs currently in service with the Taiwanese Navy.

Taiwan’s IDS is scheduled to be inducted into service in 2025.

After the deployment of the first submarine, seven other IDSs will follow. Taiwanese engineers will utilize Japanese construction techniques to assemble the diesel-electric subs. The X-form rudder on the model is similar to the design of Japan’s Soryu- and Oyashio-class SSKs.

AN/BYG-1, a submarine combat system used in US Navy nuclear submarines, has been offered for the IDS construction, sources told Navy Recognition.

The report added that some designs were influenced by Dutch submarines deployed in Taiwan. These vessels weigh approximately 2,500 tons and are 70 meters in length.

The first IDS will be equipped with MK-48 Mod 6 Advanced heavyweight torpedoes and UGM-84L sub-launched Harpoon Block II missiles.

Funds for an IDS prototype totaling 49.3 billion New Taiwan dollars ($1.6 billion) were allocated in 2018. Assembly of the submarine is being performed in Kaohsiung City.

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