Saab Delivering Land Training Systems to Swedish Military

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration has signed a framework agreement with local defense firm Saab for military training and simulation systems.

Valued at 340 million Swedish Krona ($32.2 million), the agreement includes simulation systems for anti-tank weapons, vehicles, and other necessary equipment for soldier training.

According to Saab official Åsa Thegström, the company’s simulation systems work and behave like operational equipment, giving operators “the best possible training for future missions.”

She stated that the training systems are interoperable, allowing them to be used in training with allied forces.

The systems are scheduled to be delivered from 2023 to 2025.

Earlier this year, Saab was contracted to supply combat training simulators to the armed forces of Finland and Kenya.

The technology will reportedly improve the countries’ defense capability by training their soldiers with the “highest degree of realism.”

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